“On Track” is essentially an athletic skills development program that aims to provide children in the Under 6 to Under 7 age group with increased instruction, ample practice opportunities and ongoing motivation.

The program concentrates on teaching our younger athletes the fundamental motor skills of running, jumping, hopping and throwing in a non-competitive environment, whilst also focusing on active participation, learning and improving, having fun and experiencing excitement. By fostering friendships, decreasing the competition mindset and increasing prospects for learning, the program is able to deliver all the above essential aspects.

Here at Doncaster Little Athletics Centre, the program operates on Saturday mornings between 8.30 am and 9.30 am with skills programs and races.

On Track athletes are also offered a number of opportunities during the season to participate in a competition format similar to the older U8-16 Track & Field [Interclub] athletes, with events such as 70m, 100m, Long Jump and ShotPut being offered. These competition meets are held on Friday nights between 6.00 pm and 9.00 pm and when conducted, replace the regular Saturday morning program.

Other special event meets are also available to On Track athletes throughout season.

Whilst children are ideally placed in small groups to encourage participation, this can only be achieved if an adequate number of personnel are available. Whilst DLAC ensures that the program has and is lead by an On Track Coordinator, On Track Leaders and Helpers are always required – there is no such thing as having too many people.

The On Track program has been designed so that anybody can teach athletics skills to the children. You don’t need – Qualifications or experience, any athletics experience or any teaching experience.

All you need is Enthusiam

More help =  smaller groups = more goes = FUN!!!

So instead of standing idle and watching on when you attend, become involved with your child’s development and you never know, you may enjoy it too!