Regulations for Doncaster Centre

Doncaster Little Athletics has requirements for uniforms and footwear worn in competition at our track. All registered athletes are to wear their correct club uniform in all competition meetings conducted by the Doncaster Little Athletics Centre. The uniform must include the LAVic sponsor Jetstar approved logo on front right side and Jetstar and Subway chest patch.

Approved club uniforms

Bulleen – Templestowe Orange / Black Black
Doncaster East Navy Blue / Red Trim Navy Blue with Red Stripe
Doncaster Heights Yellow / Bottle Green Bottle Green
Templestowe All Saints Navy Blue and White Dark Blue


  • Contrasting trim on tops is optional
  • Permitted shorts: running shorts / bike shorts / bloomers
  • There must be a minimum 100mm from bottom of shorts to knee cap
  • Clothing manufacturer’s name and/or logo must not be clearly visible on outside of uniform.

If you’ve forgotten your number patch see your club registrar for a temporary replacement when you arrive at the track

We require that athletes wear suitable footwear for their events. Regulations regarding footwear are available here.

External competitions (Little Athletics Region, State and Open Days)

Please be aware that these uniform rules are enforced and athletes who do not meet them will not be permitted to compete!

LAVIC has stated very clearly that uniforms are being checked, so you need to check that you meet these rules before event-day.

  1. You will need to compete in the DLAC Centre Uniform (not your club uniform).
  2. Compression shorts must be Bottle Green if worn as the outer garment or Beige if worn with Bottle Green shorts (with no pockets) over them. Please note that Black Compression Shorts can only be worn by Centres whose shorts colour is Black.

Rules for Spikes at Lakeside Stadium

Events at the LAVic Lakeside Stadium have rules about the Spikes that are allowed. These are the rules that apply to State Level and should be taken into account. The maximum length allowed is 7mm. The rules are here, with pictures of the allowed and forbidden spikes.