The emphasis at Little Athletics is on participation and skills development.  It’s an ideal first sport for children. The running, jumping and throwing activities help develop balance, flexibility and strength.

With the emphasis on participation and development, athletes are encouraged to compete against their own “personal best” time or distance.  In this way, athletes do not have to focus on winning but on improving their own performances.  All athletes are fostered and are given the opportunity to compete at Regional carnivals (both relays and individual) and many progress through to state level against the best athletes in the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winning is not everything at Little Athletics. The main emphasis is on participation and skills development. Children learn and practice the key skills of athletics through games and activities. It’s an ideal first sport for children. The running, jumping and throwing activities help develop balance flexibility and strength.
Little Athletics is a whole lot of fun and a great way to keep fit!
Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you work out if Little Athletics at Doncaster is right for you. If you are unable to find the information you need, please email your question to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When can I join?
The Little Athletic year begins in late-September and runs through to September the follow year. Track and Field season runs from October through to March the follow year. Cross Country season starts in April each year and runs through to August.
We recommend trying out before registering. Come to one of our official ‘Try Out’ or ‘Bring a friend’ days (see the Calendar) or you can try out at one of the regular competition days. Prospective athletes are welcome to try out, provided they have not already attended a try out or previously registered with Little Aths.
You can register at any time during the athletic year, provided you meet the age requirements (see ‘What age group will I compete in?’ below). A Tryout Day is usually held in September. For dates and times, please check the calendar.

What clubs can I join?
Generally, an athlete joins the club allocated to their school. However, this is not compulsory. For more information, please see the Clubs page.

What age group will I compete in?

The Centre offers athletic activities for children from the age of 5, in age groups Under 6 to Under 16. Age group is determined by child’s age on 1 October each year. Athletes cannot register or participate in any other age group.

To find an age group see the LAVic Ready Reckoner.

Athletes must be 5 before they can register.

What events will I be doing?

Little Athletics offers running, walking, throwing, jumping and play training events.

  • Track and Field: A variety of events that rotate on a 3 week program.
  • Cross Country: A single race at a distance contingent with their age group.
  • Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Hurdles, Steeplechase.
  • Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump
  • Shot Put, Discus &Javelin
  • Relays
  • Multi Event (Sprint, LJ, Discus, middle distance and Hurdle)

How long do the events take?

On track program for U6 & U7 starts at 8.15am and finishes at 9.15am

U8 to u 16’s Track and Field morning sessions begin at 8:30am and finish around 11:30am

We also have ‘twilight’ Friday sessions that start at 6pm and finish around 9pm.

And during the Cross Country season competition the first age starts at 9am and finish with the last age group by 11am.

How long is the season?

Track and Field season runs from September to March the follow year, with a break over Christmas. Cross Country starts in April and runs through to August.

How is athletic performance monitored?

Participation in each event is recorded during the day. Athletes can view their results online the following week.

Do parents need to help out?

Duty: Little Athletics does not happen without the help of parent volunteers. Each family is generally asked to help every 3 or 4 weeks. Duty may include ‘officiating’ an event or helping out in the canteen. There is also an opportunity to help out with centre or club administration. The centre and its clubs appreciate any help you can provide. For more information, contact your Club.

Spectating: When not on duty, parents and spectators are asked to remain behind the fence line. This is for athlete and spectator safety, and minimises disruptions to events. Where appropriate, athletes will be escorted to their event.

Supervision: For the safety of your children – athletes and non-athletes, please ensure your children are appropriately supervised at all times.

It’s for the family! Little Athletics is more than fun and fitness. It’s a family movement that promotes family participation. It’s a real chance for the family to do things together regularly

Is training provided?

The centre provides training for athletes. Sessions are run by qualified coaches. The skills developed through training and competition provide a basis for many sports. The Centre organises training for regular competition and special days. Parents and other family members can come along and help with the activities.

During regular competition, there’s always someone around to show athletes how and what to do. For more information, please see the Training page.

What about safety, insurance and first aid?

Professional First Aid is provided at all Doncaster events.

The centre has a strict safety policy and all registered athletes are covered by insurance with the Victorian Little Athletics Association. If you are not registered with LA Vic but wish to participate in an event (for example, Bring a Friend day), you must sign-in with the centre to ensure you are covered by this insurance. If you have any queries regarding insurance please see the Certificate of currency or contact the Centre Secretary.

What athletic ability do children have to have?

Anyone can become a little athlete. Children of all abilities are encouraged to join. Our emphasis is on fun and fitness, and children are encouraged to achieve their own personal best. Athletic ability is not a prerequisite for joining the centre

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes! Athletes wear a uniform when they compete. During normal competitions, athletes wear a club uniform. For region and state events, athletes must wear the Doncaster uniform. For more information, see the Uniforms page.

What types of awards are offered?

At the end of each season, presentations are made to athletes based on their performance, improvement and participation. Awards may include trophies, medals and certificates. Clubs may offer awards too.