Centre Committee

The Executive Committee manages the day to day running of the Doncaster Little Athletics Centre. The Committee is composed of members from the clubs that make up the Doncaster Centre. Smaller sub-committees that manage discrete portfolios are also composed of Executive Committee members and others. A new Executive Committee is formed each year at the AGM.

The executive Committee meets on the 3rd Monday of each month except for January and the 2019/20 AGM will be held on Tuesday September 29 2020, it was delayed due to covid-19 restrictions.

2020/21 Season Committee

Title Name Telephone Email 
President Paul Reynolds 0412 550 552 president@doncasterlac.org.au
Vice President Dean Ireland 0421 923 025 vicepresident@doncasterlac.org.au
Secretary Andrew Glover   secretary@doncasterlac.org.au
Treasurer Patrick Vaiano   treasurer@doncasterlac.org.au
Registrar Gabby Griffiths   registrar@doncasterlac.org.au
Competition Director Tim McKinley 0422 267 649 competition@doncasterlac.org.au
Education Director Murray Harding 0419 625 310 education@doncasterlac.org.au
Canteen Fiona Scamporlino 0412 670 821 canteen@doncasterlac.org.au
Centre photographer Amanda McLellan   photographer@doncasterlac.org.au
Computer Manager Sean Peters   webmaster@doncasterlac.org.au
Facilities Manager Paul Reynolds 0412 550 552 facilities@doncasterlac.org.au
On Track Coordinator     ontrack@doncasterlac.org.au
Cross Country Coordinators

Jodie White

Mary Tolcos

Andrew Glover

Committee Member Adrian Grace   generalcommittee1@doncasterlac.org.au
Minute Secretary     minutesec@doncasterlac.org.au
Results     results@doncasterlac.org.au
Team Manager Tim McKinley   teammanager@doncasterlac.org.au
Uniforms Sera Basile   uniforms@doncasterlac.org.au
Website Sean Peters   webmaster@doncasterlac.org.au
Working w/children coordinator Amanda McLellan   wwc@doncasterlac.org.au

If you would like to contact the committee or volunteer for a role, please contact committee@doncasterlac.org.au 

Contacts for individual clubs can be found via the Team App pages for each club on the clubs page.