Athletes are required to wear suitable footwear for their events, abiding by the following regulations:

Centre’s Footwear Regulation

  1. Suitable sporting type footwear shall be worn in ALL events.
  2. The wearing of footwear (commonly referred to as “spikes”) designed to fit/mount spikes
    with either:
  3. A complete set of blanks/slugs installed, or
  4. Without a spike or blank/slug installed in every mount, shall not be permitted.
    Note: An athlete shall not compete with a spike mount empty, i.e. spike mounts should generally
    contain a spike however some may contain a blank/slug.
  5. The wearing of footwear with blades or cleats constructed of hard plastic shall not be
  6. Footwear not excluded by (2) & (3) above may be worn by Under 11 to Under 16 athletes
    in only the events listed below except where the wearing of footwear known as “spikes”
    contravenes any rule(s) of the Organising Body and/or Competition Director.
  7. Spike length:
  8. For all surfaces the length of the spike shall not exceed seven (7) mm
  9. Specialist High Jump and Javelin footwear with heel spikes shall not exceed nine (9)
    mm and shall only be worn at these events.
  10. Spike Type/Style
    Only the designs known as Conical shall be used.
    Note: The pyramid (“Christmas tree”) design is not recommended for The Tom Kelly Athletics Track as per Manningham City Council guidelines and is “Discouraged” for use at Doncaster Little Athletics Centre and Needle spikes as shown below are banned from use at The Tom Kelly Athletics Track and are therefore not to be used at any time
  1. Footwear known as “spikes” shall only be worn within the arena or at the field event
    while the athlete is competing, i.e. in the competition area(s).
  2. Improper or incorrect wearing of footwear known as “spikes” by an athlete detected by
    Officials shall be referred to the Chief Official and shall be subject to disqualification of the
    athlete from further participation in that event.
  3. Athletes causing unnecessary delays fitting footwear, particularly in the Marshalling
    areas shall be referred to the Chief Official and may be subject to disqualification.

*Conical Spikes are available for sale from the Canteen.

Further details regarding footwear are available from LAVic’s website