Relay Nominations for 2022/23 (to be advised). Please see your club manager or age group relay manager to nominate.


Relays provide an opportunity for athletes to participate in team events and to learn relay skills. Relays allow athletes form lasting friendships and develop a sense of teamwork, athletes enjoy competing in teams and cheering on club mates. Doncaster has a strong history in relays with many teams qualifying for the State Relay Championship.

Relay Events

There are three Relay events in the Little Athletics Calendar:

Box Hill offers the following events for U8-U16 [TBC]:

  • [TBC] Girls & Boys – 4×100, 4×200, Medley (2×100, 1×200, 1×400)
  • [TBC] Mixed Gender- 4×100, 4×200 (U16 Only)

Regional and State offer the following events for U9 – U15 [TBC]:

  • [TBC] Girls & Boys – 4×100, 4×200, Medley (2×100, 1×200, 1×400)
  • [TBC] Mixed Gender – 4×100, 4×200
  • [TBC] Mixed Age Medley U9-U11 (1 x U9, 1 x U10,  2 x U11) – 2×100, 1×200, 1×400
  • [TBC] Mixed Age Medley U12-U13 (2 x U12,  2 x U13) – 2×100, 1×200, 1×400
  • [TBC] Mixed Age Medley U14-U15 (2 x U14,  2 x U15) – 2×100, 1×200, 1×400

Box Hill is a great day for athletes of all abilities to give relays a go. We can run multiple teams in each age group and event if required. At Regional Relays we will be looking to field our best teams to give it a shot at making the State Championships. Teams must qualify at the Regional Relay Carnival to progress to State. Only athletes who compete in a qualifying team at Regionals are allowed to run for that team at State.

Relay Nomination Process

If you wish you child to compete in any of the upcoming Relay days, please see your club manager or age group manager to nominate. Each athlete can be nominated in a maximum of 3 events.

Please note that we cannot run a successful Relay Program without parent involvement.

  • If your child participates at a Relay day, parents are required to do approx. one hour of duty as part of Doncaster’s duty commitment.
  • If you nominate your child for Regional Relays they must be available to compete at States, in the event their team qualifies.
  • Athletes must participate in the Doncaster Centre uniform, not their individual club uniforms. These will be available for purchase from the Club House on competition days.

Relay Squad Manager/Coach Nominations

Murray Harding is the Education Director for Doncaster. We require a Squad Manager for each Relay age/gender group. You may also consider volunteering for Squad Relay coach if you have experience and skills in this area.
As a Squads Relay Manager, you are responsible for recording the athletes selected for each team and starting positions from the Relay Coach. Communicating with team members and their parents. On Relay competition days, ensuring team forms are completed correctly and that the athletes are marshaled in time for their events.
If you also wish to take on Relay Coach for that age/gender group, you should liase with the nominated athletes for training days and to make final squad/team selections.
Murray will be on hand to provide support to anyone wanting to take on the Squad Manager and/or Squad Coach roles. If you wish to nominate for Squad Manager or Squad Manager/Coach for any particular age/gender group, please see Murray Harding.

Relay Selection Criteria

A relay squad consists of all the athletes in a given gender/age group that have nominated for relays and have agreed to make themselves available for training and competition days. A relay team consists of 4/5 members taken from the relay squad to compete in an event. Relay squads/teams shall be selected using the following broad criteria:

  • To select squads/teams with the best potential for progression to the State Championships with ultimately the ability to secure a State final position, and
  • To progress as many athletes as possible commensurate with the athletes abilities

The selection is based on the following criteria (in order):

  • Athletes performance over relay distances (100, 200 & 400m)
  • Athletes’ proficiency in relay race technique
  • Attitude and being a ‘team’ member
  • Attendance at training.

The final selection of each squad will be determined by the Team Coach and/or Murray Harding.

Relay Training

Centre Relay training will be held every Mon & Wed 5:30pm – 6:30pm leading up to Regional (and then State for those teams that qualify). Where a coach has been nominated for a particular squad they may arrange additional or alternative training times and will communicate those with the squad members.

Further Information

For more information please contact or come see our Coaching Director, Murray Harding on competition days.